PDC Launches New Ident-Alert™ Color Coded Wraps for Identifying Special Risk Patient Conditions

Innovative All-in-one ID Solution Allows Providers to Reduce Patient Wristbands

VALENCIA, California October 28, 2019 – PDC, a global leader of innovative identification and patient safety solutions, announced today it has added Ident-Alert™ Wraps to its extensive patient identification offering for hospitals and healthcare providers. The average inpatient wears three wristbands, which can cause discomfort and interfere with IV access. Ident-Alert Wraps allow providers using traditional alert wristbands to reduce patient wristbands by 50% or more by consolidating multiple alerts onto one wristband for improved patient comfort and IV access.

Ident-Alert™ color coded wraps meet the national standardization guidelines that are endorsed by the American Hospital Association (AHA) and provide highly visible, color coded alerts with easy-to-read text. The wraps are compatible with all laser and thermal wristbands and feature a patent-pending wrap-around design and strong tamper-evident adhesive to keep alerts securely in place on patient’s main admit wristband. Alert wraps come on a roll in a compact dispenser box (3” x 3” X 1-1/4”) for easy storage and access and fit neatly on a shelf, desktop, or cart. Ident-Alert Wraps are available in the nationally standardized colors which include: red for “Allergy,” yellow for “Fall Risk,” green for “No Latex,” purple for “DNR,” and pink for “Limb Alert.”

“Many providers who use traditional alert wristbands have been looking for a better way to identify patients with special risks because patients are complaining of too many wristbands. PDC has developed an all-in-one solution that works with any laser or thermal wristband and provides better visibility and security than what’s on the market today,” said Owen Rooney, Marketing Manager, Patient Identification for PDC. “Ident-Alert™ Wraps have been welcomed by nursing units and patients because they are more comfortable and don’t get in the way of IV placement.”

Ident-Alert™ Wraps are packaged in boxes of 250 wraps. Convenient pre-printed guides on the wraps help providers align the wraps for easy placements on main admit wristbands. Providers can also customize the wraps to meet their organization’s unique needs by using different colors or printing different text or icons. Ident-Alert™ is manufactured by PDC. For more information about Ident-Alert™ Wraps, please visit


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