PDC Careers

We’re making the world a safer place. You can too.

Working with PDC, you can make an impact on the lives of people.
Our products are used every day to identify millions of people around the world.

PDC is about People

Every solution we offer is about people. And we rely on our dedicated team of experts who take pride in their work and make a difference for our customers. As part of Brady Corporation’s global portfolio of brands, PDC is a leader in identification solutions serving healthcare, government, education, entertainment and hospitality. PDC’s breadth of products, from patient identification to music festival wristbands, are an integral part of Brady’s identification solutions.

Improving Patient Safety

Hospitals depend upon our wristbands and labels to identify patients, specimens, and medications. There’s no room for error when lives are at stake.

Securing Schools & Students

Schools trust our access control and visitor management systems to secure the campus and keep students and staff safe.

Protecting the Workplace

Governments and Fortune 500 companies rely upon our credentials with unique security and anti-counterfeit features to ensure secure environments.

Helping First Responders

During the COVID pandemic, organizations turned to PDC for labels and wristbands to identify screened people, lanyards to make it easier to wear masks daily, and new visitor management products.

Life at PDC

Culture of Caring

Our company culture places our employees at the center of what we do. Through development opportunities, special employee groups, and multiple ways to give back to the community, we demonstrate that we value our employees and provide a professional and collaborative environment where innovation, creativity and excellence are esteemed.

PDC offers our employees more than just a career. We provide an opportunity to learn, grow and contribute to something meaningful—making the world a safer place. We have fun while doing it, too. View our photo gallery.

The Brady Foundation, established in 2006, supports organizations that inspire our employees in the communities where they live and work. Through the foundation, the following organizations have been chosen by PDC employees and received funding and donations: American Diabetes Association, Michael Hoefflin Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, PA Wounded Warriors, Speak Out Against Bullying, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Child & Family Center, and more.

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

PDC sites around the world continue to implement and maintain multiple sustainability efforts across our facilities. Some of the recent highlights include:

  • Increasing energy efficient protocols and products throughout our buildings
  • Consolidating work spaces to create more efficiencies
  • Implementing and upgrading equipment to be more energy efficient
  • Reducing waste through process monitoring and analysis – saving 100,000 pounds of waste per year

Our plant in Port Orange, Florida boasts solar panels that can generate enough energy on sunny days to fully run the plant on solar power