PDC Healthcare Launches New TimeAlert™ IV Time-Indicating Reminder Labels to Show Time Lapse for IV Tubing

Innovative Indicator Provides Convenience and Accountability for At-a-Glance Time Monitoring

VALENCIA, California – February 28, 2018 – PDC Healthcare, a global leader of innovative identification and patient safety solutions, announced today it has added TimeAlert™ IV time-indicating reminder labels to its extensive product offering for hospitals and healthcare providers. TimeAlert™ IV is the first and only simple, smart indicator on the market for IV tubing change that is easily activated with a push of a button and uses color-changing technology to provide an easy-to-read visual cue when IV tubing needs to be changed. TimeAlert™ IV is available in 72-hour and 96-hour formats and is intended for use with IV tubing to allow any caregiver to know at a glance how much time has elapsed since last change, supporting CDC and hospital protocols for timely IV changes. More than 80% of hospitals use IV change reminder labels as part of protocols to ensure timely IV tubing changes to reduce the risk of blood stream infections.

TimeAlert™ IV time-indicating reminder labels help hospitals comply with current protocols; the CDC’s recommendation for IV tubing changes; and The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal 07.04.01. Once activated and applied to an IV tubing line, the device monitors the passing of time and indicates when the specified period has been reached, allowing clinicians to quickly and efficiently check and change IV tubing lines, as required by hospital protocol. TimeAlert™ IV reduces the potential for human error. It features a strong adhesive to securely attach to IV tubing at caregiver eye level for quick and easy viewing. TimeAlert™ IV integrates easily into existing hospital protocols and is designed to be the next generation of IV change reminders.

“The vast majority of hospitals already recognize the clinical value in IV change reminder labels to help ensure timely IV changes. Working with our hospital clients, we developed TimeAlert™ IV to make it easier for time-strapped caregivers to get a visual reminder plus added accountability and convenience,” said Heather Hudson, Marketing Managerfor PDC Healthcare. “TimeAlert™ IV answers the need for a better way to monitor IV tubing changes.”

TimeAlert™ IV is packaged in boxes of 100 indicators and is available in 72-hour (dark orange) and 96-hour (purple) formats to support the most common IV tubing change protocols used by healthcare providers. The indicator includes fields for caregivers to record the IV start time and date, change time and date, and initials for compliance and accountability. TimeAlert™ IV is manufactured and distributed by PDC Healthcare. For more information about TimeAlert™ IV, please visit

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On Dec. 28, 2012, PDC Healthcare was acquired by Brady Corporation, (NYSE:BRC) a world leader in identification solutions for premises, products, and people.


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