PDC Healthcare Launches New Ident-Alert™ Tray and Scope Tags for Central Sterile Processing

Durable, Lab-Tested Identification Tags Help Improve Communication and Workflow Efficiency in Central Sterile  

VALENCIA, California – May 10, 2016 – PDC Healthcare, a global leader of innovative identification and patient safety solutions, announced today that it has added a line of Ident-Alert™ Tray and Scope Tags to its product offering for hospital central sterile processingIdent-Alert™ Tray and Scope Tags help central sterile processing personnel properly identify, classify, and track trays, scopes, and surgical instruments throughout the sterilization process to help improve workflow efficiency.

The line of Ident-Alert™ Tray and Scope Tags was developed as a direct result of customer demand for customized identification tags for sterilization processing. In response, PDC Healthcare has added a full line of stock imprint tags which will help reduce customer costs and product lead time. Customers who convert to using Ident-Alert™ Tray and Scope Tags can expect cost savings of up to 25% compared to other tags in the market, plus the tags are on most national group purchasing organization contracts. A wide variety of customization options are also available to allow facilities to customize tags to fit their unique applications and needs.

The Ident-Alert™ line of tray and scope tags is lab-tested to withstand most autoclave and disinfectant processing, and includes several formats most commonly used to improve communication and workflow efficiency in the hospital central sterile department. Ident-Alert™ multipurpose tags are blank and can be used for a wide variety of identification applications by applying autoclavable labels or tape, sterilization indicators, or handwritten information to the tag. Ident-Alert™ scope tags are pre-printed with helpful fields that indicate scope cleaning process details such as date, serial number, initials, etc. to streamline and document the entire scope sterilization process. There’s also a scope repair tag that makes it quick and easy for techs to indicate repair needs for equipment. Ident-Alert™ tray tags are pre-printed with special alerts to communicate tray type, such as “Priority,” “Loaner,” and “Vendor,” as well as “Broken,” and “Missing” to alert personnel about special actions that must be taken to process the tray and return it to inventory.

Ident-Alert™ Tray and Scope Tags are packaged in cases of 1000 tags and are manufactured by PDC Healthcare. The new line of Ident-Alert™ Tray and Scope Tags is a complementary addition to PDC Healthcare’s product offering for hospital central sterile which includes autoclave labels and tapehandheld labeling systemsinstrument marking tapecommunication labelsdisinfectant cleaners and wipes, and personal protective supplies. For more information about Ident-Alert™ Tray and Scope Tags and PDC Healthcare’s central sterile products, please visit

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On Dec. 28, 2012, PDC Healthcare was acquired by Brady Corporation, (NYSE:BRC) a world leader in identification solutions for premises, products, and people. 


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