IDenticard releases version 3.0 of its innovative PremiSys software

MANHEIM, Pennsylvania – August 7, 2017 — IDenticard® today released the latest version of PremiSys™, its innovative access control software suite. The release of version 3.0 brings with it a variety of new features, tweaks and enhancements.

The most exciting update in this new PremiSys version is a system-wide lockout/lockdown feature, complete with card override capability.

This feature allows a facility to disable every lock in its system with the press of a button. Rather than going around and manually locking doors, which costs time and potentially puts personnel in harm’s way, the lockout/lockdown feature instantly isolates a threat by preventing that threat from moving around to different areas of the facility.

The lockout/lockdown feature is the perfect security feature for school access control systems, government buildings and other facilities that want to protect personnel from outside threats.

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This feature can also be applied to individual doors, door groups and buildings, allowing the security director maximum control over all aspects of his or her facility.

The lockout/lockdown feature can be applied to a variety of different lock types, including both hardwired and wireless locks, and can also be paired with a card override feature for maximum security.

Additional updates in Version 3.0 include database enhancements, making this the most user-friendly version of PremiSys that IDenticard has ever released.

Version 3.0 of PremiSys is the third upgrade this calendar year, showing IDenticard’s continued commitment to providing its customers and partners with a fresh, cutting-edge software solution.

For more information on PremiSys v3.0 or to learn how to upgrade your system, please contact us.

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